March 05 2019 Tuesday at 09:10 AM

We have a few great DIY Christmas projects that are both simple and useful during the holidays and beyond. You may already have a traditional Christmas tree, but this "Twig Tree" is a fun alternative that can be displayed on the entry way console or for the office.

We made two versions of the Twig Tree, one as a card display tree and the other as a family tree. Both versions can be customized with desired ornaments for the holidays.

TWIG TREE VERSION I: Christmas Card Display

With a few twigs either bought in store or personally picked, create a tree by arranging them in a jar. With more twigs, the tree looks fuller and sits better in the jar. Hang desired ornaments on random twigs, and make space to attach received Christmas cards and pictures throughout the holidays. You can also decorate the jar with ribbons and scatter confetti below the tree.

DIY TWIG TREE: An Alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.

TWIG TREE VERSION II: Christmas Family Tree

This version is a great way to gather family and friends in one family tree. You can cut out faces and glue them on a harder piece of paper for support, and attach them to the twigs using clothing pins or by adding a twine loop. Randomly hang desired ornaments, and add mini xmas lights. We also love the idea of adding a mini black board a holiday message.

DIY TWIG TREE: An Alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.