Unisex Courage Backpack Review from the Daniels Family.

Unisex Courage Backpack Review from the Daniels Family.

Meet our first official customers: Alison and James Daniels.

The Daniels family were our models for the 2013 Lookbook, and they were amazing to work with. Their two handsome boys, Ethan and Mason, were so calm and cooperative during our 3-hour outdoor photoshoot in Beacon, New York. They are such a happy and loving family, and we are so grateful to have worked with them.

As a thank you gift for participating in our photoshoot, we offered one of our bags. They chose the Unisex Courage Backpack in Grey because they are frequently on-the-go, on weekend trips, and James is an active father in the family.

We want to share what they had to say about the bag:

"I have to tell you that the backpack is probably the best diaper bag I've ever used.  I put the diapers and wipes in the outside pocket for easy access and it's big enough to accommodate 7 diapers and a travel package of wipes and a tube of desitin.  It's nice to not have to go searching for them.  I use the small pocket on top for pacifiers and nail clippers and also I'll put my phone in there sometimes.  The inside of the bag is really spacious and I can pack a change of clothes and pajamas for both of my boys and still have room left over.  The side pockets for sippy cups are great because they're deep so the cups don't fall out if i bend over while wearing the bag.  And the backpack is really comfortable to wear.  I love it.  For what James and I use it for it is perfect and I really can't think of anything so far that we feel it is lacking. I'm telling every parent I know about your product line and website".

And our response to that was, a big THANK YOU!!!