One Year Warranty from date of order received:

At TWELVElittle, we take great pride in our products and design them to last and endure everyday activities of parenthood. However if you experience any issues with one of our products or received a defective, please email Please provide:

  • A detailed description of what problem you are experiencing with the product.
  • Pictures of the problematic area of the product.
  • Proof of purchase either from our website or any of our authorized retailers.
    (Warranty does not cover products purchased from unauthorized retailers or outlets or resellers such as Ebay, or BST (Buy, Sell, Trade) sites, Nordstrom Rack, Zulily and etc.)
    (Warranty does not cover donated products.)

Once we review and confirm the product as a Manufacturer’s Defect, we will decide if we can either repair or replace the product. Please understand our warranty does not cover any wear and tear from normal, everyday use of the product such as:

  • Scratches and creases on the leather straps and trims due to everyday proper use.
  • Fraying on the materials and thread due to everyday proper use.
  • Dirty spots and smudges from liquid spills, food, pen ink and dirt.
  • Defects caused by third party cleaners and alterations.
  • Accidents.