It's time to pack your Hospital Bag!

It may seem like it was just yesterday when you were squealing with joy over those two lines indicating that you are expecting! Fast forward nine months and now that you're reaching the end of the pregnancy finish line and starting to think about labor and delivery... it's time to get that hospital bag packed up and ready to go! 
When packing for the hospital, we actually recommend taking a small suitcase (or duffel bag) and then a separate diaper bag and designating one for mom's essentials and one for baby's. 
What you need to pack is really up to personal preference and depends on factors like what your hospital will provide for new moms and infants (though pretty standard across the board). We recommend checking with the hospital you will be delivering at to see what is already provided. 
But here are the general recommended items that are necessary for a comfortable labor and delivery experience and hospital stay with your new little bundle of joy. 
Scroll through to see them grouped into specific categories—and remember, less is more. You’ll need space to bring back all those freebies (like newborn diapers and etc!). 
Here are the top TWELVElittle bags we recommend using as a Hospital bag, which can also easily transition to an everyday Diaper bag.